OCR to Offer Guidance (Someday) on De-Identifying PHI

Wed, Apr 7, 2010

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While no one – including HHS – seems to know yet what de-identification of PHI under the HIPAA Privacy Rule is, one good rule of thumb at this point is to be careful what you post publicly now because it might provide a way to reverse engineer de-identified PHI later.

Last week, we noted that the HHS OCR held a workshop on de-identifying protected health information under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. If you de-identify PHI, as we also recently noted, the Privacy Rule and its penalties for disclosure don’t apply – you can enter a “safe harbor” if you remove the 18 identifiers in PHI or use a “statistical standard” to de-identify your patient data.

Avoiding HIPAA penalties sounds pretty good…but how exactly do you go about de-identifying PHI? HHS OCR, which is responsible for enforcing the Privacy Rule, is not sure yet. Under ARRA, HHS…

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